Today you need strategic brand development. Tomorrow there’s a touchy PR situation. The next day you need advertising. Cool.

What We Do

Twelves Unlimited combines Strategic Marketing/Communications, Advertising, Brand Development and Public Relations into one company. By integrating these skills, you benefit from an efficient, one-stop resource that brings continuity to implementation of every strategy.

How We Work

First we work with you to define your situation, your goals and objectives, timelines, budget parameters and desired results. After outlining a strategic approach, we assemble a team of senior-level creative professionals to meet the demands of your project. This means we scale to fit your budget, timeline and overall goals.

Our Advantages

We’ve occupied the big corner office and headed up the small, boutique shops. Now we give clients access to an experienced team of professionals who have worked together for years. Another advantage is our experience on both the client and agency side of the business. We know many of the challenges you face, whether it’s building consensus in your organization, or dealing with budget and timeline challenges. That’s why we understand the advantages of having one team to streamline the entire process.

  • Broad base of industry experience and success
  • History of long-term client relationships
  • Strategic planning blended with creative approach
  • All senior-level professionals
  • Flexible, scalable and responsive
  • Equally agile with small or large companies
  • Integrated services that provide continuity
  • Big on collaboration; building on what you have, delivering what you need