12s isn’t a big firm or a small firm.
We’re the size you need at any point in time.

Twelves Unlimited is an integrated marketing/communications enterprise that knits everything together and scales to meet your needs. This makes it possible for you to work with one company for all major services from initial research, analysis and strategic brand development, to advertising, social media, website development, trade shows, public relations, investor relations and even internal brand behavior. What our clients get is complete continuity throughout all forms of communications, budgets and timelines, not pieces of them interpreted differently between multiple firms.

The people you’ll be working with are the ones in the room from the beginning. Since none of us are looking for our next job, you won’t have to deal with team turnover. And while our decades of experience enables us to become quick studies of your company and its challenges, we never stop learning. Long-held client relationships built on respect and results define who we are. In fact, most of our client relationships last over five years, and some for over a decade.